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"Together in Scouting, together for peace” by Moldova Scouts

Representatives from all Scout groups from the territory in Moldova were present at the event, sharing some very exciting moments while singing Scout songs, taking pictures and dancing. The Conference was also an excellent example of inter-generational dialogue as everone ranging from the President of the Scout Association to the youngest member in the gathering participated together in all activities.

The peace message was promoted innovatively from the very beggining of the Conference. Each person who entered the Conference room was given a baked cookie in the shape of a dove (a symbol of peace), which contained a written peace message inside. The Conference was also attended by dignitories such as Ion Ceban, the Minister of Youth; Tudor Darie, the Prime-minister’s Councellor on youth affairs; Eduard Mihalas, the President of the National Youth Council of Moldova; Iurie Emilian, the Regional Director of Eurasia Scout Region; and representatives from other youth NGOs in Moldova.

The event included a presentation highlighting the main aspects of the project, its objectives and expected results and it inspired everyone present at the Conference. The presentation also provided some insights into the global impact of such a project and the bigger dimension of World Scouting’s Messengers of Peace project globally. The Conference also helped underline that the Scout Movement is a voluntary, non-political, educational Movement for children and youth, open for everyone regardless of origin, race, beliefs, and in accordance with WOSM’s Purpose, Principles and Method.

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