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                                                   Egyptian Scout Federation

Eliminating child labour

Scouts in Egypt are working to eliminate child labour and help working children. The Scouts have been working on the issue of child labour since 2002, when they first started the project in Alexandria, working directly with the working children and their employers.
By taking care of these often forgotten children and making sure they play and learn like other kids of their age, Scouts are focusing the community's attention and setting an example that others will hopefully follow.

                                 Organizatia Nationala A Scoutilor Din Moldova

Environment and outreach

Scouts in Moldova are developing a range of environmental and outreach projects in their local communities. Kagul district Scouts have assisted in the reconstruction of a potable water system that covers a total of 3 kilometres and provides clean water to 136 households.
Moldova Scouts have also initiated tree-planting projects on 152 hectares of land, cleaned 6 springs and 27 wells.
Finally, in an effort to provide fun and educational activities for more local children, the Scouts have run 7 camps in their communities for over 400 young people, 250 of which have expressed an interest in now getting involved in Scouting.

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