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                                                         Scouts of China

Bridging the digital divide

Scouts are working to overcome the digital divide by teaching computer literacy to school children in the remote countryside. Scouts teach them the basic techniques of using a computer and how to safely and constructively access the Internet.

They hope that by learning about computers and having access to on-line resources, the students will have better education and be better prepared for the future. The Ministry of Education and local schools are supporting this teaching programme, which has been developed by the Rover Scouts (the older-age section). They hope that this will benefit communities and that the project can be expanded elsewhere if successful.

                                                 Scouts et Guides de France

Scouting for all

The Scouting for All programme offers Scouting in inner-city and urban areas where young people face difficult social, economic and family situations. At present the programme involves around 2,000 children and young adults. Some 40 local projects have been developed and 20 Scout groups have been set up in inner city areas.

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