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Become a Messenger of Peace

Step One:  
Think about your local community.  What is upsetting the balance of life there – is there an environmental problem, or mistrust between different groups, or some health emergency, or bullying in your school, or some group of people are lonely or marginalized -the possibilities are endless!

Step Two:  
Now decide what you and your fellow Scouts can do to help. This might be part of your normal Scout weekly program or even as part of your Scout community service program.

Step Three:
Now go to the sign up page and declare your intention to change your world! 
Your pin will be placed on the Messenger of Peace Project Map for everyone to see - who you are and what you have promised to do!

Step Four:  
Keep in mind your commitment and remember your Scout friends can help
you complete it! So, invite them to sign up to the Messenger of Peace Initiative.
And spread the word on Facebook